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Update Thirteen from MD Max Venables

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I was interested to learn that the government are mobilising a £1.57 billion-pound fund to support the nations cultural arts and heritage institutions. One hopes the monies are efficiently routed to end-users, such as our City’s own magnificent Theatre Royal, and not eaten up by consultants and agencies engaged to distribute the funds.

On the topic of Government support to sustain our nation’s commercial, entertainment and social infrastructures, I regret to report that NO FUNDS are currently available for sporting institutions such as Plymouth Albion RFC.

Necessity being the mother of invention prompted us at Brickfields to batten down the hatches, don our tin hats and flak jackets and adopt a siege-like economy as we navigate our own way through the Coronavirus pandemic.

Thanks to the magnificent response to our Albi 2020 Heroes fund initiative, together with the collaborative support of our business associates and suppliers, we successfully managed to navigate a path through challenging times to emerge better prepared, energised and focused on the task of Making Albion great Again.

For the record, Albion has received no support from HM Government, the RFU establishment or indeed our Bankers.

Moving on to more positive news, I am delighted to report that our Brickfield site is currently undergoing a clean-up and much-needed facelift following an exciting five-figure sponsoring partnership association with Arbocure Ltd.

Following its launch in 2004 Arborcure has grown and developed highly professional services as leading tree and landscaping specialists. In common with Albion, Arbocure founders, Matt Neale and John Dean are committed to the pursuit of excellence providing intensive training and assessment for their staff at the internationally renowned Kingswood Institute in Kent.

Arbocure have built both commercial and domestic divisions securing prestigious contracts with NHS Trusts, The MOD, together with many schools and colleges. I am delighted to welcome Arbocure to the Albion family. Be sure to check out the facilities and hospitality in our newly named Arbocure Marquee when you next visit Brickfields. I am sure you will agree, we are certainly ‘barking up the RIGHT tree with this exciting sponsoring partnership.

I am well aware that our site has become just a little tired and lacking the vibrancy and quality appearance expected of an elite-level rugby club. I am thus delighted to confirm that, in addition to Arbocure’s landscaping activities at Brickfields, Shekinah Mission have agreed to come in and further help our facelift by painting some of the less loved areas of our ground.

As one of the most loved charities in the city, we’re delighted to get their help in further lifting the site and I’m especially excited to see the mural planned for the shipping containers come to life.

The recent opening of the nation’s pubs and other entertainment facilities marks a significant movement in the progressive release of the Coronavirus lockdown. Add to the mix, Premiership Rugby re-commencing full contact training this week, the return of competitive rugby at Brickfields as early as September, is no longer such a remote possibility. It will be what it will be, and we need to be prepared whatever the outcome.

VERY EXCITING SIGNING TO BE ANNOUNCED LATER. Can you work it out the anagram?

‘Hamster Depth’

The design of our new VX-3 Sportswear is close to completion. but there are still a few spaces on kit for sponsor logo’s and messages. If you would like your company image to be displayed on the KIT, there is still time. The kit goes into manufacture on July 31st, so if you want your name displayed to tens of thousands of eyes next season, get in touch now.

Contact Chris 07866 261777 –

A journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step as they say. Here at Brickfield’s momentum continues to build, but that is it for now.

Stay strong, have faith and belief as we continue as one working to

Make Albion Great Again.

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