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Update Fifteen from MD Max Venables

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After 16 weeks, I have certainly been pleased to involve you, our faithful Albion fans, with news of the workings behind the scenes as we looked to secure the club during this very difficult time. I hope that via my open and transparent updates you have felt a part very much of some of the most challenging times we have faced, and you are starting to get ready for the return to play. With the RFU announcing the fixtures and the Premiership returning in just over a fortnight I feel it won’t be long until we have a definitive timeline.

Therefore, as restrictions ease and timelines emerge, I feel the time is right to scribe my final musings.

From the great effort in the Crowdfunder to the challenges of the RFU withholding our travel allowance to new and exciting signings, I’ve kept you up to date in all things Albion but now is the time to focus on the club in the new normal. I will still be available and offer occasional updates as necessary, but from today the weekly format will cease.

Before we do that however there are a few final musings I’d like to share!

Albion 2020 heroes wall

The wall has been a great success and we are delighted to have nearly 300 signatories. If you would like to take advantage of getting your name not only on the wall but also onto the 20/21 season kit, and all for just £25, do visit the link here but be quick as there are only a few days left!

RFU ongoing

We are very much still in opposition to the draconian sanctions imposed by the RFU for the administrative error of this time last year. The knock-on effect being the withholding of our £20k travel allowance, the 5-point penalty for the 20/21 season and a further 15 suspended for 2 years. The 2-year suspension also excluded us from applying for any special support from the RFU during this time. Were it not for 4 delays to the hearing this small oversight would be behind us but, through no fault of our own, the sanctions will affect the 20/21 season.

I do plan to invite Bill Sweeney to the brickfields to see all the work we as a family have done over the last few years and explain, in person, the rationale behind such heavy-handed measures when there were queries from another 100 member clubs about the ambiguous question I mistakenly got wrong!!

The apprentice and the business hub

As part of our business hub initiative, we are consistently looking to find opportunities for our players to improve off the field as much as on it. The most recent player to put his hand up is club stalwart, Dan Collier. The ‘big rig’ is very keen to look at getting an apprenticeship in carpentry and we are hopeful that Emma Hewitt and the Building Plymouth team may throw up a few options.

However, I felt it prudent to mention his ambitions here while at the same time introduce the hub webpage

Dan will certainly be a great addition to any team who looks to give him the opportunity (off the field only – he’s staying with us on it!)!

New signings

We have a couple more player signings lined up to announce over the next few weeks as the preparation for the season starts to hot up. It is our ambition to be competing right at the top of

national one this season and we are doing all we can to ensure Damian has the best players available. Keep checking the website and social media for updates.

And finally

Once again, I would like together my most sincere thanks for your support over this very tough period and into the future. Together we can bring the good times back to Plymouth Albion.

It’s time to climb!

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