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Update fifteen from MD Max Venables

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A belated happy new year and welcome to the third season of my lockdown musings!

I do not think many of us would have thought that nearly a year later we would still be waiting to see an Albion team take the field but that is where we find ourselves. I certainly felt it prudent to restart these missives to keep you all up to date.

I would like to commence with a big thank you; to you, our loyal supporters for sticking by the club. We are living in unprecedented times and we are grateful for the unequivocal message of goodwill from season ticket holders, sponsors, the playing section and indeed everyone that backs the club.

Behind the scenes, we are doing all we can to ensure that, as we unlock, Albion are primed to push toward an NCA Cup final or top of the National League table. Sadly, we are no clearer on the competition we will face just yet, but huge credit is due to Damien and Nigel for their work in engaging the players and keeping the squad in shape. I’m also delighted to have secured a new signing to the off-field team but more of that next week.

I must also laud the playing section for keeping their fitness levels up, training well prior to lockdown and keeping spirits up as we descended into it again. Rest assured; the team will be ready to go as soon as it is safe to do so and I have a bit of news on their activities a bit later in this memo.

There is also a special mention for Josh Skelcey and Jake Clemson for their starring roles in the kit launch video which can be found on our Facebook page or our youtube channel. We may be a while from seeing them take the field in anger, but this should raise a smile as we introduced the new strip designed by VX3.

Moving on, I am delighted to formally announce the club are now signatories of the Armed Forces Covenant. From Navy captain, Scott Makepeace lining up in our colours to the staff from HMS Drake helping on a matchday our connections to the navy especially are strong. This recognition further enhances the strong bond the club has, and this will only further help as we return.

With regards to the immediate future, I have already had a very positive conversation with Bill Sweeney, and we are scheduled to talk again this month. He was certainly enthused by our vision for the club and I feel a more positive association with our parent union may well be dawning. If you have any pressing concerns, do let me know and I will endeavour to ensure they are raised.

On the subject of positivity, I am delighted to announce we have become a venue for weekly ‘Andy Mans Club’ meetings as we strive to turn the Brickfields into a true community hub. Rugby will always be at our core but, in the post-Covid environment, we really will be striving to benefit the city in a myriad of ways. Again, my door is open if you can see how we can be of help.

Before I wrap up, a few of our players have been particularly active away from the club and I hope to have a few ‘lockdown diaries’ popping up real soon. Needless to say, you may be inspired by Matt Shephard’s new training business or your appetite whetted by Dan Pullinger’s cake making endeavours – there will be something for everyone!

Lockdown diaries – coming soon…

Until then, stay safe and take care of each other


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