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The Team vs Rosslyn Park

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It was always going to be a tough run in to the end of the season for Plymouth Albion, but as the team have recently demonstrated, they’re ready to fight all the way to the end.

The last match, home at the Brickfields, to Darlington Mowden Park, was cited as one of the toughest challenges of the season – but it was Albion that came out on top with an impressive on field display, combined with great game management, which saw them win the game 42-29.

Head Coach, Kieran Hallett, commented; “It was clear we were the better side in most areas of the game, in all honesty I felt we completely dominated the game. That will be up there as our best performance this season.”

Darlington put up a great fight and as a result earned themselves a bonus point, which kept them just one point ahead of Albion in the National League One standings.

Immediately after the game, Hallett said; “Giving them the bonus point was a killer, it means they are still ahead of us in the table. We have to take these opportunities to get as good a position as we can and seal out games, and that’s something we will have to work on going into the rest of our matches.”

It doesn’t get any easier from Albion for this weekend’s clash against Rosslyn Park, who currently sit in third place in the league and have an opportunity to top the table by the end of the season, being only 5 points behind 1st & 2nd Place Ampthill & Old Elthamians.

Talking to Kieran Hallett earlier today, it is clear that Albion have a very focused game plan ahead of the game at the weekend against Rosslyn Park, but he wasn’t giving too much away.

Hallett said; “We know the main strength is their pack, when we played them at the Brickfields back in November, they bullied us in this position, but the lads haven’t forgotten that and know they need to be strong.”

Following the success against Darlington Mowden Park earlier this month, the analysis and the subsequent game plan was something that has clearly been highlighted as one of the key factors in getting the win, so Hallett commented by saying; “We’ve done our homework and we know where we can attack, we must exploit these areas and stick to our game plan, if we do this, then we can come home with a positive result.”


1.Will Norton, 2. Jamie Salter, 3. Dan Pullinger, 4. Lewis Pearson, 5. John Kelly, 6. Sam Daly, 7. George Mills, 8. Herbie Stupple, 9. Cam Setter, 10, Fraser Honey, 11. Jack Arnott, 12. Dean Squire, 13. Jon Dawe, 14. Josh Skelcey, 15. Matt Shepherd


16. Paul Davis, 17. James Kenny, 18. Rusi Tuima, 19. Joe Snow, 20. Dan Powell

Kick off at Rosslyn Park is at 3pm this Saturday 23rd March.

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Match Day Images 23rd Mar – Credit: Pinnacle Photo Agency