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PLAYER Q&A – Dan Pullinger

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Once a week we will be doing a Q&A with our players to find out what they have been up to in the various lockdowns and what they are looking forward to when the Rugby is back.
First up Dan Pullinger‼️
What’s been the one thing you have missed about a match day at Brickfields?
The whole match day feeling itself, there’s nothing like it, always a huge buzz waking up on a matchday when it’s a home game at The Brickfields. The crowd play a huge part in that for sure.
What is something about away days you didn’t realise you’d miss so much?
A very select few of us have a special club at the back of the bus for away games if you know what I mean. That was always something to look forward to on away games.
How has the team been able to integrate the new additions to the squad in this peculiar time?
It hasn’t been easy, we have had such little time as a new squad in between lockdowns and the RFU training rules. But for the little time that we have had together, we have gelled well as a new group, Damian (Welch) and Will (Hurrell) have thrown themselves in and got stuck in, they are doing really well and have set the standards high going forward.
What is something you’ve tried/starting doing again since the season was cancelled that you didn’t think you had time for?
Baking! My girlfriend and I both enjoyed baking prior to moving in together during the lockdowns but it’s really taken off in the last 6-7 months! It’s been nice to have the time to get stuck into my new Uni course too!
How have you been able to work on Rugby throughout the various Lockdowns?
In terms of actually throwing a rugby ball around, not a great deal. Cycling and running to keep fit and trying to lose a bit of ‘lockdown timber’ if there’s not going to be any scrums going forward!
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