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PLAYER Q&A – Tom Putt

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Once a week we will be doing a Q&A with our players to find out what they have been up to in the various lockdowns and what they are looking forward to when the Rugby is back. Next up Tom Putt!


What’s been the one thing you have missed about a match day at Brickfields?

‘As others have spoken about it’s a bit of everything really. The preparation being put to use from the training week, seeing some familiar faces you only get to see at Brickfields and enjoying a beer with family, friends and supporters after a game is always great. I think it’s a really exciting day for players as well as fans.’


What is something about away days you didn’t realise you’d miss so much?

‘A long bus ride is surprisingly good fun. Five or six hours on a bus doesn’t seem like a good laugh, but once a quiz gets started up that’s a good laugh, some questionable questions are asked as well as some dodgy answers.’


How has the team been able to integrate the new additions to the squad in this peculiar time?

‘Yeah, it’s been tough, we had a great training block in the summer, then another great block before Christmas. But I personally think they’ve added some real quality on and off the pitch which is exciting.’


What is something you’ve tried/started doing again since the season was cancelled that you didn’t think you had time for?

‘I attempted to get into running in previous lockdowns. I’m far from a good runner. But I don’t mind a shorter run to keep the legs ticking over.’


How have you been able to work on Rugby throughout the various Lockdowns?

‘Yeah, I’ve been lucky enough to do a few rugby-related sessions. Fortunately, I live minutes away from my local rugby club, so I tend to drag my dad or my girlfriend up there to help me with a few bits and pieces. Neither of them enjoys collecting rugby balls from trees, bushes and over fences mind you!’


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