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PLAYER Q&A – Pete Ingoldsby

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Once a week we will be doing a Q&A with our players to find out what they have been up to in the various lockdowns and what they are looking forward to when the Rugby is back. Next up Pete Ingoldsby!

What’s been the one thing you have missed about a match day at Brickfields?

‘The biggest thing I miss about match day is the excitement and anticipation that builds up around the place from both the fans and players.’

What is something about away days you didn’t realise you’d miss so much?

‘The drive back after a win when the pressure and everything is gone, and we can get back and just enjoy ourselves.’

How has the team been able to integrate the new additions to the squad in this peculiar time?

‘It’s been tough with lockdown as obviously, we haven’t been able to do as much. But when we have, like with the meet the player’s BBQ it’s been great with everyone involved!’

What is something you’ve tried/started doing again since the season was cancelled that you didn’t think you had time for?

‘Studying actually! I am in my final year of uni and the lack of rugby has really given me a chance to get on with my work.’

How have you been able to work on Rugby throughout the various Lockdowns?

‘Mainly the fitness aspects of things. Just been really focusing on getting in the best shape I can so really hit the ground running when rugby starts up again.’

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