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Lipson Co-operative Academy – READy for Rugby


READy for Rugby with Lipson Co-operative Academy

This term, a group of students from Lipson Co-operative Academy who are enthusiastic sports fans have been taking part in a pioneering literacy project with Plymouth Albion Rugby Club. READy for Rugby combines an interest in competitive sport with reading and literacy learning. Whilst these students are young – they are only 11 to 13 years of age – they have approached the project with determination and made excellent progress.

The students are the first in the city to take part in this exciting 8 week initiative that offers reading and writing intervention through sport. The weekly practical-based learning sessions with Plymouth Albion players are a real hit with the students, who have grown in confidence week-on-week.

Recently, they have been conducting their own interviews. This has involved planning questions and quizzing Josh Skelcey about Albion’s recent performances, his training and other aspects of being a professional Rugby player. The students have then taken a professional journalistic approach to writing up their findings. Lipson is working hard through numerous projects to accelerate the literacy learning and reading ages of its students and is very pleased with the results of this specific project.


Tom Goodman, Assistant Principal said “we are proud to be working with Plymouth Albion to develop this programme and have already seen significant positive changes. For students like these who are passionate about sport it has been a different route to securing increased progress in their reading, writing and oracy skills. It has been a different voice for the students to hear about the importance of literacy.”

Speaking passionately about the initiative, Head of Community at Plymouth Albion, Mike Lewis, said “Our coaches try to take a different approach to aid their learning whilst keeping it fun and our Rugby Reading project allows us to create activities that encourage the Lipson Co-operative Academy pupils to progress their reading and writing, whilst giving them the opportunity to research and present their findings from each project, leading to practical rewards for their commitment with bespoke rugby sessions.”

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