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Kit Giveaway!

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We have a large amount of kit to give away after discovering lots of old kit earlier this week!

The gems were rediscovered while cleaning out our kit container, and we would like to give it away to local rugby sides who might need it ahead of the new season.

Below is a list of the kit we have available. To get hold of some going into your team’s next campaign, please email

Available kit

8x Green Gilbert Tackle Pads

7x Black/Yellow Gilbert Tackle Shields

4x Black/Yellow XACT Shields

2x Yellow Centurion Tackle Sausages

2x Mixed Tackle Sausages

4x Heineken Post Protectors

2x Centurion Ruck Pads

1x Red Gilbert Double Pad

11x Assorted Tackle Pads

4x Assorted Post Protectors

30x Green Gilbert Contact Suits

8x Blue Rhino Tackle Suits – Full Body

8x Predator Tackle Suits – Full Body

Once this kit is gone, it’s gone. We will be giving it all away on a first come, first serve basis, so please make sure to get in touch as soon as possible to secure some of it!

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