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‘I love the club, and this is where I want to finish my time’ as captain puts pen to paper

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The club is excited to announce a new three-year contract for our Number 8 Herbie Stupple, who has been with the club since 2010, captaining it for the last four years.

There is no other club I want to play for’ Herbie Stupple said in an interview today.

Others have had opportunities to move on, but the club has always looked after me over the years and I love being here. Obviously, my injury history hasn’t been the best, they (Albion) have always looked after me through thick and thin’.

When asked about the process of resigning Stupple had this to say. ‘I was up after this year, Nigel (Sparrow) approach me and wanted to get it sorted straight away which was nice. I love the club, and this is where I want to finish my time’.

On why it was such an easy decision. ‘Part of it was to do with the happiness of being able to live where I live and the pride that Plymouth has given to me over the last 10 years. The other big thing was the stability I have a family and little ones, It makes me feel better’.

Stupple also shared what Albion hopes to achieve during his new contract but also his personal goals. ‘We have been pushing for so long, we should get promoted, we want to be back in the championship which is 100% where we should be. It isn’t a million miles off; we just need a good run of games’.

We have been unfortunate over the last couple seasons, It’s such a hard league National One. The money that certain teams have is the battle you will always be fighting against; we sometimes can’t compete with that. We rely on the talent around us and the guys from Exeter (Chiefs) is a massive help for us’.

‘Personally, for me I have also set myself the goal of getting to 250 games. I’m on about 160 currently so with the new contract it is do-able’.




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