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Here is the team to take on Second in the league Rosslyn Park!

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This will be the team to take on Rosslyn Park at Brickfields for our 2pm kick-off!

Head Coach James Scaysbrook spoke to us about his team’s great performance against Canterbury and what we can expect from the clash at Brickfields on Saturday.

“I think the players were brilliant!”

“Towards the end, I think we even saw us stick to the game process even though they had a lot of success throughout the game and it would have been easy to let the game become quite loose and to go away from what we planned to do and they certainly stuck to it right to the end. I think it paid dividends scoring right to the deadline.”

Ahead of tomorrow, “The plan is similar to the other weeks in that we are gonna be focusing on ourselves and on how we can improve our performance. Obviously different challenge for our mental approach from last week but the same in that we are gonna be focusing on ourselves. Focusing on how we can get better and how we can improve what we are doing while at the same time being aware of the strengths that Rosslyn Park have.”

You can watch the full pre-match interviews here:

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