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Albion Joins Movember 2023 Initiative

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Plymouth Albion are proud to join the Movember team this year in our bid to raise awareness for men’s health.

In 2022, we lost nearly 4,000 men to suicide in the United Kingdom according to the Office for National Statistics (ONS).

Figures from Prostate Cancer UK suggest that over 12,000 men die from prostate cancer every year, while 65 men lose their lives to testicular cancer ever year according to Cancer Research UK data from 2019.

These are extremely concerning figures; there are terrifying rates of deaths from suicide and cancer among men and we desperately want to try and change that.

There has long been a stigma around men’s health – both mental and physical – which is really important to get rid of.

We, collectively, are on a mission to let you know that there is nothing embarrassing about opening up about your health and seeking advice. We encourage everyone to check in on their loved ones, and make sure you get in touch medical professionals if you have any concerns.

Movember is a fantastic initiative that aims to tackle the stigma around men’s health, and make sure everyone is aware that there is help out there if you are worried about your physical health or struggling with your mental wellbeing.

Even a small donation to Movember can help provide invaluable help and support to men who have received a cancer diagnosis, or help them map out a plan of action to reach out and have a conversation about their mental health. It really is amazing how much difference a simple conversation can make.

We are encouraging men to grow out their moustache this November to amplify the message around men’s mental health. And even if you’re not gifted with facial hair, you can still donate to an incredible cause. Click here to check out our Movember page.

Please help spread the word around men’s health, and please know that you are never alone.

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